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The Life of our times…


First published on October 4, 2005, as a supplement in The Guardian on Sunday, Life magazine has evolved into a must-read package for every young person. Even the adults have found good reasons to pick up the Life as their regular Sunday staple. Primarily focused on providing a platform for young people to find their rhythm in their varied field of endeavours, the magazine, which has gone through different phases -- always reinventing itself — also celebrates role models and good ideas without barrier. The underlying philosophy is to go against the run-of-the-mill of the ‘usual suspect’ in Nigeria’s media coverage, which often focus on a particular set of people -- turning many of them into cult-figures as a result of the volume and frequency of media coverage they enjoy, even to the point of boring repetitions; and focus on fresh, young citizens who, in spite of the heavy baggage of odds in the national life, have been deploying their talents, skills and resources to set their feet firmly in the world of today, even competing favourably with tthe best from around the world. Th cover stories, which are mostly about ‘unknown’ or ‘little-known’ young persons, have influenced millions of Nigerians; many of those who have appeared on these covers have gone on to win prestigious awards; and find fulfilment i their respective careers. Now in its 200th edition, Life still prides itself as a leading publication in the country, with its followership cutting across different age groups and class. Though the packaging has gone through different phases over the years, the content still remains constant in orientation – devoted to celebrating the realNigerians with the brains and character to move the country forward. On this occasion,some of the subjects that the magazine had found worthy of being celebrated in its past editions, give assessment of their beloved Life...

Jeta Amata

I may sound biased due to the fact that I have been on the cover of The Guardian Life, but the idea of mixing the best in Entertainment with the most serious in arts make Life stand out.

Obi Asika; (CEO, Storm Records)

All the best to the team at The Guardian Life Magazine; I most likely have every copy ever published. Many congrats on reaching this important milestone and all of us at Storm are watching and supporting, best always.

Basorge Tariah Jr (Actor/Comedian)

It is a laudable worthy of note and proclamation. Your product, approach and diligence have always set you apart from the rest. May you find the fortitude to sustain this lofty height!

Ohiowele Rachael Ehidiana
(Presenter, Wazobia FM)
Like the name goes, Life magazine has indeed fed us with life; please keep the good work going. I wish Life magazine and everybody that has contributed in making the publication real, a long life!

Femi Odugbemi (Filmmaker, ex-president ITPAN)
Well, I have watched The Guardian Life magazine on Sunday evolve from its inception from a few pages of casual curiosity into a definitive authority of entertainment and art reporting and commentary. I definitely appreciate the hard work and dedication that it has taken to attain and sustain real quality of content over 200 editions. Congratulations to the Life Magazine team and may the next 200 editions bring us your readers double the pleasure!

Emem mem’O’ Ema
(Member of defunct music group, KUSH)
At the time Guardian Life came on board, it was a welcome platform as it gave young talented people a chance to express themselves; find where they fit in society, how they perceive society and an opportunity to contribute to it and grow in the process. Every young successful Nigerian has had the privilege of being influenced by the content in The Guardian Life, or experiencing the magazine and/or having their name written in the Book of The Guardian Life. I wish for The Guardian Life, many more years of fruitful service, as it remains one of the platforms that the New Nigeria springs from.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije
(Executive Staff, Lufthansa Airline, Artiste)
A deep, yet easily digestible, soundingboard of contemporary Nigerian culture, capturing its high points, reflecting its constant state of change. Well done Guardian Life! Keep on living...

Adunni Nefretiti (Leader of Nefretiti Music Group) Let me thank The Guardian Life for making me part of this historical anniversary. My suggestion is that more women should be given opportunity to contribute to the magazine, and if possible, make the package a weekly soft journal. I wish The Guardian Life Magazine all the success you deserve.

Seyi Solagbade
(Afrobeat Musician)
Finally, I have an opportunity to express myself about The Guardian Life Magazine. This is a magazine that pushed me up when I was nobody. It was like a dream come true when I saw myself on the cover of the magazine (January 2006), which gave me the push that I really needed; I’m highly grateful. This is a magazine that believes in originality and they haven’t stopped doing that. Let me use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the team for making this magazine a reality. All the best!

Joke Silva
(Veteran Actress) Life Magazine has published some great stories on some of my protégés, for example Iyabo Amoke and the interviews were incisive.

Akpor Gbemre
(CEO 411 Entertainment)
The Guardian Life magazine has stand the test of time, its is rich in content but a brand new look and more colourful entertainment content at this juncture will boost it readership audience.

Tola Odusote
(Manager, Strategy & Business Development Mediacraft Associates, Lagos)
Big congrats to all The Guardian Life crew. I think the magazine stands out from others in terms of content and focus, and I will advise you keep it up. However, you need to continue making all the pages glossy and use picture space in the layout so that it can really have life and artistic. If it is possible, try and include a column that will focus on behind the scene images of blockbusting movies and TV commercials of mega brands. Stay Blessed.

Emmy Collins (UK based-Nigerian Fashion Designer)
As an international designer based in the UK, who still want to maintain a presence in his country of origin I am very proud to be associated with Guardian Life magazine.I think the magazine is pure quality and in fashion quality should always reign supreme.To the Life Magazine team I say keep it up guys.

GT Da Guitarman (Artiste)
The Guardian Life Magazine is doing an excellent job, and I congratulate you on the progress you have made.You are trendsetters and people look up to you to know whats happening in the entertainment world. I wish you well as you grow from strength to strength.

Onos Bikawei (Artiste)

The Guardian Life Magazine is simply amazing because it provides a platform for up rising acts to show case their talents and gifts, which you won't normally get in other magazine in a very prominent manner,l don't just think but l know it is very effective, pls keep up the good work and don't stop doing what you do.

Ada Onyejike (Visual Artist)
Guardian Life magazine,has added loads of value to Arts and the entertainment industry in Nigeria. It has taken Arts to the reading desks many reputable Nigerians who read Guardian Newspaper.I appreciate what the magazine has done to promote ARTs in Nigeria.
I think I prefer the old gloss or better still a Mat finish of the old detachable versions.

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