Monday, 4 January 2010

2010...the hairs

2010 hairstyle trends will feature a lot of new looks: there are the new hair trend heavily influenced by the recent Spring 2010 catwalks, and there are the re-workings and evolutions of last year’s hair trends.
Below are’s top picks for hair styles in 2010, with seasonal styles alongside looks for hair from short to long. For more on hair cut trends keep reading.

Plaited and braided hair; The popularity of milkmaid braids in 2009 evolves into the braided hairstyle trend in 2010. While it’s natural for hair trends to evolve between the years, the resurgence of plaited / braided hair is mostly as a result of the hairstyle heavily featuring on the Spring 2010 catwalks.

Long waved hair inspired by the 1940s: Having appeared on the radar in 2009, 1940s hairstyles will continue as an inspiration for women’s hairstyles in 2010. As it was last year this hair trend is again inspired by the late 40s and, to a lesser degree, the early 1950s.

Long hair inspired by the 1970s: There are two 20th century fashion revivals happening in 2010. The 1940s revival gives us the 1940s hairstyle, while the 1970s influence upon 2010 gives us two distinct hairstyle trends.

1970’s inspired flowing texture: Different from the waved hairstyle inspired by the 1940s, this flowing, textured, (and sometimes) waved hairstyle trend in 2010 relies instead on natural-looking waves that border on bed hair. Suitable with both a centre part and an off-centre part. As with straight and naturally styled long hair, flowing waves also work well when very long.

Slicked / Gelled Hairstyles: If there’s a 2010 hairstyle that screams attitude in 2010 it’s slicked hair. Perfect for the younger set, there are three slicked hairstyles to try out in 2010.

The Slicked Back: Slicked back with gel, with fingers or a wide toothed comb providing the texture, 2010’s slicked back hairstyle mixes hair slicked back across the top of the head with textured length. Though we’ve seen a dry, heavily brushed texturing for the length, avoid it and stick to a wet look as seen on Alexander Wang and Thakoon’s Spring 2010 catwalks.

The Slicked Side: The perfect alternative to 2009’s half-shaved head hairstyle, the side slick is the strongest of the three slicked hairstyle trends for 2010. All attitude, it marries an overall wet and tousled look with a side part.

The top knot: Popular on the street in 2009, the top knot conveys a young and playful look. In 2010 topknots are best in two forms: the sleek and the messy top knot.

Short black hair cut: Not so much a hair colour trend as it is a pairing of black hair with a short hair cut, the short black haircut is one of the 2010 haircut trends that is somewhat universal. Able to be styled in looks from classic to neo-rocker and its ability to be cut in a plethora of different ways (with or without a fringe, as a bob or near-on pixie crop short) the short black haircut for 2010 will work most face shapes and skin colour.

Pixie crop with longer fringe: Hair trends of late have moved in three year cycles, and we expect that it’ll be no different for the pixie crop. 2010 should be the hair trends last ‘hoorah’, and we expect it to be firmly out by mid-2010. But do note, we’ve chosen the word ‘expect’ very carefully. Perhaps we’re being over-cautious and are hedging our bets, but let us explain with three good reasons why. There’s always a demand for short hair cuts for women. While the short black is an option for 2010, it does have to go hand in hand with some dark hair dye (a fact that’ll dissuade most)
There are a lot of people out there with pixie crops. Abandoning it simply isn’t a choice with extensions usually ghastly to maintain.

Shaved side hair cut/undercut: A brief note on the half-head shaved hair cut that we witnessed in 2009: it should remain in 2009. Not that there isn’t an alternative. Nor do we no doubt that some people will be wearing it into 2010, but they’ll be doing so long after the hair cut has reached commonality. Having been popularised in 2008, and since interpreted by everyone from Alice Dellal to Rihanna, the haircuts evolution is long overdue.
Rihanna’s evolution of the half-head shaved haircut: an undercut come fauxhawk
If it has previously been a hair cut you’ve had, or been tempted to have, there are two clear options for you in 2010:
Shave or cut your hair to have a full undercut, as we saw on Rihanna in the latter part of 2009.


  1. It is true that short pixie cuts and even undercuts (bowls) are going to be very fashionable in 2010, but there is something else, that is underlying all 2010 hairstyles... That is texture, the main theme for 2010 hairdos is texture. We are seeing a move away from the very sleek glamorous and high maintenance looks of previous years, towards a slightly more dishevelled look. Hair Stylists call it "tousled" and a tousled look is acheived in all hair lengths by adding layers and then teasing the layers with product, to give them definition and the sought after "texture" of 2010 hairstyles!

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