Saturday, 16 January 2010

Mr. Sasarobia

(Just Life)
SHE scrunched up her nose as she got close to him. She’d had a hard job trying to ignore the smell of his perfume the first time she’d come in to serve him drinks and small chops.
The smell slapped and enveloped her all at the same time and it was all she could do to keep a straight face and not flee from the room. As she started to clear the tray, she wondered why he had to use so much perfume.
Had he poured the whole bottle on himself or could the bottle possibly have poured itself on him?
Just then, she realised that his perfume was one of those cheap products from India, which were sold in large bottles. Her friend used to call those bottles ‘Sasarobia’.
Her friend had explained that some people usually take these large bottles of perfume to seers, prophets etc., who fortified them with prayers or put stuff into the bottles supposed to ‘protect’ it’s wearer from evil and evil-doers.
Sometimes, the users requested that the bottles be fortified with good luck so they could always have some every time they put the perfume on. He asked her if he could have a glass of water. The thought of coming back into this room horrified her.
As she left, she decided that the best thing to do when bringing in the water for him was to dash in holding her breath and dash out again, which is what she did.
She waited until he’d been gone some minutes before going in to clear the empty glass. As she bent to wipe the stool, she noticed something black and red in a small corner of the chair he’d been sitting on.
She bent, trying to see what it was. It was a very small gourd, about three inches long and a couple of inches wide, wrapped with black and red threads!
She walked backward from the room and waited at the door for her boss to return. He found her there about 10 minutes later and they both spent another five minutes wondering what to do with the black and red charm.
They decided that the best thing to do would to pray, binding the evil in the charm, before picking up the charm preferably with long sticks.
They found a packet of biros, emptied the contents and plonked their find into it. They were almost certain that the charm belonged to ‘Mr. Sasarobia’ but to confront him with it, was something they couldn’t quite and didn’t want to do.

His next meeting with her boss was in a couple of days. They would have to find a safe place for the charm, safe for the charm and safe for them too.
They cleared out a drawer, prayed for quite a while, put the packet of biro with its unholy contents in it, and then prayed some more before closing the drawer. They then went about their duties as best as they could.
D-day arrived. ‘Mr. Sasarobia’ came in and sat down. The meeting had gone on for some time before he noticed this small gourd wrapped in black and red thread on the table, a little to his right. He immediately became uncomfortable and started to fidget. The boss noticed his fidgeting and asked if he was okay. ‘Em, yes’ was ‘Mr. Sasarobia’s response.
The boss started to tell him about worshipping the true God, about not depending on juju. ‘Mr. Sasarobia’ nodded, agreeing but all the while keeping his eyes on the charm.
The boss talked about how he’d found the charm in his office and ‘Mr. Sasarobia’ visibly jumped when the boss said that he intended to burn the charm! He started to protest but shut up quickly.
He found some excuse to cut the meeting short and left in a big hurry, probably to seek some more ‘protection’ quickly.

It is always surprising, interesting to see how people combine their faith with charms for ‘protection’ or success.
Some think its okay as long as no one is harmed or hurt while others go the whole hog. ‘Mr. Sasarobia’ isn’t the only one, just the only one who got caught.

Away from the old

THE celebration of the New Year dates several centuries back, when the Romans declared it on January 1, as it was a symbol of a new life. These days, the New Year is when people round the world do new things that they believe will better their lives and add spice to it.
Many write the popular New Year resolutions, some change jobs or businesses, others relocate and so on. So can I ask, “How is this year 2010 gonna be?”
For me, it is to advance in my career, change my status and in simple words, step up.
But how many of us stick to our NYRs?
The third week of January, which also doubles as third week of new year, is the most depressing of all weeks in a year around the world.
Why? Aside reeling from the stress of the holidays, it is the ‘blessed’ week when people realize they cannot stick to their NYRs, so they slip into deep depression.
Setting goals on paper is very easy (just as Nigeria with its 7-point disaster, I mean, agenda). Then comes the high feeling of how good life will be when those goals are accomplished. With time the cliché “Easier said than done” dawns on us.

Our fulfilment in life largely depends on how much control we have over our world. This applies to every facet of our lives.
Have you ever realised that our will power and our health work hand in hand? While our mindset and values determine how well our health will be, the will power of a person is at its best when one is healthy.
Moving from our comfort zone is just like fitting into new shoes. You need tons of will power.
That is why we have to be like the two-faced Roman god Janus this year. He has a face looking into the past with the other projected into the future. This simply means reflection and projection.
Reflecting deeply to dig up habits and lifestyles that are and will be detrimental to your health. Little things matter like your diet, your moods and approach to situations and so on. Also, check out for stressors in your job and relationships.

Make a firm decision, not a wish, take and adapt to actions toward a blissful and radiant health this year and for life.
This is the most difficult part. But it can be made easier by taking small steps. For example, an overweight person it is impossible to lose the weight gained for years in one month.
Opening a diary to keep reports on your resolutions and steps to fulfill them can ginger you to progress.
In addition, you can also involve people to put a check if you cannot stick to your decisions easily.
Finally, by thinking of the future gains, you project yourself forward a great deal.

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