Saturday, 16 January 2010

Tired of workout? Try dancing...

DON’T really believe in the formal ways of exercising? Or perhaps you are not that interested in the more common ways of working out? Not to worry. It is becoming fashionable for health-conscious individuals to adopt more suitable alternatives that serve the purpose and are effective at the same time.
Increasingly, some exercisers are taking up more interesting and practicable forms of working out. Foremost among these is dancing. Different forms such as salsa, cultural dances and even some intricate oriental steps involving the movement of all parts of the body, are being adopted to make exercising more attractive and fun.
Except the exerciser is targeting particular areas of the body, in which case the types of exercise adopted are also designated, dancing to certain types of music will generally do the trick. It does not matter the form preferred, as the whole idea is to work the body and keep fit.

There is the tendency to under-estimate the potency of dancing as a workout tool, but it need only be remembered that the whole essence of undertaking aerobics for instance, is to enable the exerciser access more energy, enhance respiratory performance and keep the joints mobile generally. All these together make for better health and consequently, fitter person.
Dancing is particularly good because it is fun, interesting and engaging. And because it requires a high concentration, the exerciser is also training the brain and developing the mind.
There are quite many varieties to pick from. The exerciser only needs to ensure that the chosen form is effective and simple. In most cases the pattern is such that the exerciser is required to apply vigour as the steps become a bit more complicated and intense.
One beautiful thing in all this is that age is no barrier to undertaking this form of exercise. From the young to the old, dancing promises to be captivating all the way through. Not only this, it is also inexpensive, easy and convenient to do. It can be undertaken anywhere so long the space is there and even if the exerciser is not interested in going to a gym, it does not pose any threat to progress and effectiveness of the exercise.

It is essential that the exerciser be appropriately kitted though. Comfortable and suitable wears and shoes are preferable. Nothing too loose to prevent distraction and may be cause avoidable injuries.
The dancer should again remember that suitable music is to be used. It is better if the exerciser chooses a favoured piece of music during the act. Dancing to a particular kind of music ensures focus and rhythm, enabling the exerciser to establish his/her pattern and pace while at the same time having the presence of mind to do what is required.

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