Saturday, 16 January 2010

‘For me, it’s got to be creative, crazy, colourful’

Olayinka Lawanson, known more as Lamboginny, has a mission to change the face of gospel music in the country. The artiste, who has done a lot of collaborations and featured in songs by artistes such as Mr. Solek, Nkem Owoh, Pastor goody goody, OJB Jezreel, Sammie Okposo, among others, on December 24, 2009, released his first album titled, Mawomi. He tells DAMILOLA ADEKOYA how fashion can bring a change in a person’s understanding of life.

Definition of fashion
Crazy! It’s something you shouldn’t predict. For me, it is surprise; creativity; attitude and charisma. A good example: I have about three colours on my hair then, I’m putting on a double belt jean trousers; that’s what I’m talking about. Being crazy and unpredictable!

Style of dressing
Normally, I love to come out looking crazy, but for this New Year, I have decided to re-brand myself. I’m currently working on a corporate project, thus, there’s need to appear in a corporate manner. What this suggests is that I’m leaving the craziness about my hair.

Favourite colour(s)
I do not have one in particular; I just know I deal with bright colours.

Favourite designers

That’s Jordan; I love him because he’s our own. He also makes cloths for Denrele. I also fancy Elvis Okenwa; he’s business oriented, even as a student.
What will you not be caught wearing or doing?
Walking on the streets, naked.

Stylish icon(s)
Locally, I love D’banj because he’s a fan of Fela and Fela’s style is unusual. Again, I love Denrele because his style is unique and crazy. I also love Terry G’s sensitivity towards music, he’s creative and I’ll say he’s stylish. Internationally, it’s DD; his style is corporate and with his outfit, I’ve come to realise that been an entertainer, you are also a corporate person and through him, I’ve been able to develop the corporate part of me. I also love Elephant man.

Signature scent(s)

Unforgivable by Sean John.

Describe yourself in three words
Caring, crazy and creative.

Most cherished possession(s)
God and my vocal chord: those are the two things I cherish most in my life right now.

Most expensive item
My jewelry; the blings. I’m a jewelry freak.

Turn on

Music is the number one thing; it really gives me joy no matter what happens to me.

Turn off

As an entertainer, I live my life diplomatically, so what might be a turn off for me, I look into it, and bring out the best out of it. Basically, nothing turns me off!

Happiest moment(s)

The moments I spend with my family make me feel like the happiest person on earth. I’m always happy when I’m on stage, also.

Embarrassing moment(s)

That was years ago. I was on stage, and I didn’t know where blood dripped. All I knew was that it stained me all over and I have never been so embarrassed that way before in my entire life. Another time was in 2002. As I made towards the stage after I had been called out, everybody began to boo and yell at me to leave the stage because I wasn’t known. It was very embarrassing. However, when I was coming down from the stage, I met Azadus; who spoke to me in a manner that made me determined. Since then, it has been great!


My motivator is God, which’s why I think unusually. Another thing that motivates me is when I see another dimension or good work of art; be it music, acting, drawing and others, I get motivated and I pick out something from them. Music also motivates me.

Philosophy of life

The way you came to the world is the same way you will leave. We came empty and we will all go empty, so, while we live, we should live a good life.

If you were given an opportunity to change something in Nigeria, what would it be?
Crime. That’s why I came out with a project titled, Lamboginny says no to crime. I’ve come to discover that music is psychological and has therapeutic effect. For every crime committed, it is first implemented in the mind before being carried out, so, if we can renew the mind, then crime is over. I had a concert in Kirikiri last year, featuring Sammie Okposo, Mike Aremu, DJ Jimmy Jatt, Dekunle Fuji, Rooftop Mcs, Bukky Ajayi, Zeal, Daddy Fresh, among others. There were a lot of government functionaries at the event including the controller of Nigeria Prisons Services, who came from Abuja.

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