Saturday, 30 January 2010


Yemi Blaq’s ‘Feting’ Binge
BARELY three days after winning the second edition of Celebrity Takes 2 dance show, Nollywood actor, Yemi Blaq, was sighted at O’jez on Tuesday at 6pm, staging what could pass as a mini party. T4T was minding his business as usual when the actor who is looking lean (weeks of hard dancing had taken its toll). He paid homage to former president of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ejike Asiegbu, and took a seat near the stage. For many minutes, one began to think he intended to dine alone that evening until one after another, over seven people arrived and the mini party began. A mental calculation of what went down at the table before T4T left at about 9pm would be roughly 50 grand and they looked like they were just starting off. Bros, rememba your left o, na the warning Thunder Balogun wife give am for stadium dat time o. If you finis the small money wey follow the new Jeep you win, my hand no dey o.

OPJ ‘Marginalises’ Expensive On Wazobia
Are you also an addict of Wazobia FM radio like most of us? Then you must have noticed the obvious marginalisation of one of its presenters, Expensive, the Olotepu of Otepu (whatever that means anyway). Expensive co presents with baritone voice OPJ every week day from 6pm. Agreed, OPJ was the original presenter before Expensive came on board, but his larger than life image seems to have drowned Expensive’s. All the promos being played on the programme from 6pm till midnight sing the praises of OPJ. Not one of them talks about Expensive. It is so bad now that even when OPJ is not on, callers still ask of him and you could feel the disappointment when Expensive tells them OPJ is not around. Expensive did not help matters right from the day he joined. He noticed the awe inspiring image of OPJ and since then began to copy him from the way he talks to how he answers people who call in to make request or talk about traffic. That finished him because in the minds of the people, if it is not OPJ, it cannot be like OPJ.
Management of Wazobia should please look into the situation because there are two OPJs on air every evening now. Advise to Expensive: just be yourself.

Dadi Monso Again, Confesses This Time
NOLLYWOOD actor, Dadi Monso, was reported on this column to have discovered somewhere he now drinks cheap beer and eat Cow tail peppersoup. That was months ago. At the birthday of another star, Victor Osuagwu recently, Monso confessed to T4T that indeed he has a hideout where he indulges himself anytime his money was running low. Expectedly, Monso has disappeared from Nollywood circles this period (he is running dry again). You looking for Monso? Drive around the National stadium, you will sure see the tall frame of the actor and his journalist accomplice friend at a joint eating cow tail and drinking beer at a cheap price.

Francis Onwochei’s massive size
T4T was privileged to walk behind Nollywood actor/director, Francis Onwochei, and his soul mate, Zik Zulu Okafor, on a staircase in an office in GRA, Ikeja, last week and geez, I was choking because dear Francis’ size had sucked up all the air around the tight staircase. It was a miracle your dear T4T did not pass out. Trust him, he accosted Francis about his new Samuel Peter size. The actor denied being fat (as if na wetin dey hide), he rather challenged T4T to a game of lawn tennis at the National Stadium that weekend. When told that T4T only plays Ludo, he urged him to come watch his deft moves to disprove the fact that he is fat. He even went ahead to say that Rafael Nadal (the world tennis champ) would be jealous when he sees him play. Great bros, but recall that there was a certain person who challenged his detractors to a game of squash some two years ago o. Please dear Francis, don’t challenge anybody to any game that is related to chasing small balls around, the end story is not always sweet. I no wan write bad story. Na small talk I talk o, I no call peson name o.

Help, Ejike Asiegbu’s voluminous
T4T met Ejike Asiegbu and a renowned TV journalist at a popular hangout in Surulere on Tuesday checking out some designer shirts that evening. The journalist took one and in disappointment, Asiegbu sighed and said he knew his size would never be among the fine shirts. His face was really sad. Well, you all know why Ejike cannot afford to buy normal size shirts like any other person; Presido is voluminous. He should go shopping where the likes of Howie T, Ayim Pius Ayim, Iyabo Lawani etc go. Na advice I give o.

Haiti Earthquake And Nollywood/Music Stars
I HAVE been reading and following on satellite TV, the news of how American Hollywood film and music stars have been mobilising support for Haiti quake victims. Money running into millions of dollars have come from the stars to the distressed people of the Caribbean island. In fact, the stars did a Telethon that was used to raise more money. My mind came back to our dear Nollywood stars and my heart broke. How many of these stars can send a million naira check to Haiti? Please answer this question to my email. What about our music stars? Can any of the associations organise a charity concert with all the proceeds not ending in one’s pocket instead of Haiti’s? Well, let all today know that there are stars and there are stars. In the case of Nigeria, we have stars without the R. Whatever that means.

Tricia Esiegbe showcases hubby
I AM not comfortable as I write this particular piece, and the reason is not far-fetched. When Nollywood actress, Tricia Esiegbe, got married recently, she and her husband warned the media to stay off their marriage. I heeded the warning until last week when the duo arrived O’jez in the evening and I threw caution to the wind. Tricia was so full of life, introducing the handsome guy to other Nollywood stars (including waka pass) present at the celebrity hangout. Her happy mood was contagious (e no easy to marry at that age. No be me talk am o, na somebody wey sidon nia me o). The hubby looks like a weight lifter, the more reason why I am scared and recalling the earlier warning by the couple. Anyway, the day you guys will see T4T with POP in one arm and a battered face to match, you don’t need to look far for whodunit.
Tricia’s weight lifter looking-hubby of course.

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