Saturday, 16 January 2010

Made in Canaan City

Though the yearly Calabar Christmas carnival was originally conceived to feature a carnival train, which usually takes guests in colourful regalia, through the streets of Calabar, the event has developed into a 32-day of fun featuring other activities such as the carnival Calabar queen contest, the HIV/AIDS Walk/Conference, musical concerts, African food expo, carol night, golf and soccer tournament and a special carnival fashion show.
Just like in the previous editions, this year’s carnival featured a special fashion show, involving some Nigerian designers, who used the platform to showcase their latest designs with which they intend to make a statement in the New year.
Held at the Tinapa Resort, the event, which attracted guests and tourists from different parts of the world, saw elegant models and celebrities displayed fabulous designs created by the designers. It was cheers all the way as the models catwalked on the runway in style to the admiration of the excited audience.
Indeed, the fashion show exhibited the creative ingenuity of Nigerian designers, who are gradually rubbing shoulders with their counterparts abroad, participating in international fashion shows around the world. On the other hand, the fashion show has created yet another attraction in the carnival that is gradually gaining international recognition.

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