Monday, 4 January 2010

Different New Year

(Just Life)
IT’s a New Year and like almost everyone else I guess I’m thinking about things past and hoping for a better future but I wonder how different this year will be, for me, for my family for all.
I know that for Lizzie’s family, it’s going to be really different. I shed a tear for them but I know it’s nothing compared to what they are shedding, what Lizzie’s mother is going through.
You see, on Christmas day, two of Lizzie’s brothers took their two cars out to try and get some fuel. They’d gone from station to station without finding any, when some twenty minutes or so from their place of residence they found a station selling fuel.
After waiting in the queue, in the hot, hot sun for two hours they were finally able to get some fuel. Relieved they made their way home
Eyewitnesses say there had been an accident a few minutes before they arrived on the scene. It seems they didn’t see what was ahead on time.
By the time they did and stepped on their brakes it was too late, especially for the second car, whose driver, Lizzie’s youngest brother crashed into the kerb and was seriously hurt. He died on the way to the hospital. This year will be different for them all no doubt.
We, the other day, whilst queuing for fuel, experienced something much less serious but which I am still trying to understand.
After queuing for almost four hours I guess this bus driver who happened to be directly ahead of us on the queue lost his patience when he got told that he would have to wait a little bit longer so that bike riders i.e. ‘okadas’ could come in.
The bus driver revved his engine and tried to ram his way into the station, he instead only succeeded in sending the man manning the gate a few metres into the air before he landed on the floor!
Upon landing on the floor the man was still for a while, and then he slowly and carefully checked his arms, legs etc.
When he was sure everything was still in good working order he pounced on the driver and flogged him with the chain he’d been using to lock the gate!
The driver for reasons which could not be determined decided to reverse his bus several times therefore hitting the car behind him (which I just so happened to be) in several times!
When he realised he couldn’t get out that way, he zoomed into the petrol station causing everyone in it to scatter about like fowls trying to avoid the big knife of their madam, the cook.
After driving madly about, inside the fuel station, for a while, trying to find a way out without success, he turned the bus around, faced the entrance again and gunned his engine! Needless to say it was my turn to flee like a chicken!
A whole lot of drama followed. At the end of it all the bus driver had to cough up a few thousands for the repairs to the car he’d hit after which he was arrested and taken away to the police station.
His year is also bound to be different but at least he is alive to experience whatever it holds for him.
People continue to die while others hoard, sell and make millions from fuel. We go through all sorts all for a few litres of fuel, in a country blessed with oil. So, the question may well be, how different from other years will this year be?
Will we be better behaved law abiding citizens of this country? Will we still have corrupt, greedy leaders? Will there finally be food, water and electricity for all (or even at least most) this year? Hmm, only time will tell.
Happy New Year.

This year...

(Strictly for the young)
I DID not want this article to be about ‘him’. There will be enough Sundays in 2010 Godwilling, to speak about someone, who has basically ensured Nigeria gets the attention it does not deserve, and did not need! Sigh!
And I did not want this article to be about philosophy or reflections! Yes, it was a bad year when it came to deaths, and loss, and yes it was a good year when it came to life, and living, and yes we got to the end of the year with each citizen becoming a local government (we rule ourselves, own our water, power our houses....), and it is true, in the end, it is all hours and days and nothing makes one year different from the other.
Philosophy, reflections and ‘him’. That is not what this article is about jo!
Today, we want to make good ol’ resolutions! Promise to stop doing some things, and to start others. Some to do differently, others to do more or less of! Before we start, let us give some pointers for New year resolutions!
A New Year resolution should be realistic. It should be something you can actually keep!
A New Year resolution should be aspirational! It is a vast world of opportunities out there, why not reach for what you can?!
A New Year resolution should be something one can remember easily. Many resolutions are not adhered to because they were forgotten. Like that time I decided to... O yeah, I forgot! So, don’t forget to write your resolutions down, and don’t forget to remember to check the resolutions you want to remember not to forget.
You might be tempted to become a better person in 2010 and that is indeed a laudable thought, but your new year resolution has to be specific!
Get rid of generalisations, HOW do you want to become better exactly?
A New Year resolution should be personal. You might want a lot for Nigeria, or your friend or cousin, but that is a prayer. You do not have power over it, but you have power over yourself.
Speaking of power, your new year resolution should be something you have power over. Wanting to get taller in the New Year? Well...

NOW, having given a few pointers as to how to make a good New Year resolution, I hope you will take the time out this Sunday to quickly make one if you haven’t already! Don’t forget to s.h.a.r.e your resolutions with me if they are not too private! (
It might interest you to know that some of the most common resolutions include resolutions to quit smoking (or other bad habit), lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with family, worry less, spend less and save more, eat more, clean out clutter, get fit, and learn something new!
So, where do my resolutions fall? In the spirit of, here are mine. Do not laugh!
• I resolve to get taller
• I want to grow younger
• And be a better person
• We thaank tha Lord!

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