Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Their most memorable Christmas... and their wish for 2010

Compiled by Shaibu Husseini & Damilola Adekoya

‘I think it is going to be this one because I am travelling to Calabar for the Festival. I have never had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas on this scale. It’s either I am working or we just do the normal stay at home, eat rice and visit friends and what have you. But I am really looking forward to this trip to Calabar. It is going to be special for me. My brothers and sisters will be there and then I will be part of the carnival. As for if I can still go all out to buy a Christmas dress? Oh, yes I can; if I am moved but I can’t even remember when last I bought a Christmas dress for myself. But if I feel like, I could do that — just something special for myself. So I can, but it was a normal thing then when we were growing up. And then it was wonderful and fun. We always looked forward to Christmas as kids and young people because that was the time to go shopping with mum to pick clothes and Christmas shoes and all that. So it was fun. And on that day, we will eat and then go visiting. In terms of New Year resolution, I think it is to accomplish all those things I couldn’t do this year. Basically to meet up with all those things I couldn’t meet up with this year. I will take out more time to be able to accomplish them. It is also going to be more like being nice to people….. well, continue to be nice to people’.

‘Talking about my most memorable Christmas, I don’t think I have any one I can really say is my most memorable. May be as a child, and of course to us then Christmas was always fun. We always looked forward to Boxing Day when we would have a party in my uncle’s place. But generally, there is nothing special. We are so simple in our house. We just stay indoors, cook, eat and receive friends who visited us. I am not particularly an outdoor person, so I don’t really go out as such. I take every Christmas as it comes. I stay with my family at home, eat rice, chicken and drink. And in terms of dressing, I don’t think I have ever gone out of my way to buy a dress for Christmas since I became an adult. The only thing I consciously do is to take care of my hair; and nails and it is like that for all celebrations. Of course, I believe in New Year resolutions. Because what it entails is a conscious effort to look back at what you have achieved so far in 2009 and look at where you want to be in 2010. You identify your shortcomings and try to make amends and improve on your strong areas. For me, what I decided to do in 2010 is to take things very, very easy. There is no hurry in life. It is going to be one thing at a time for me. There is no rush anymore; after all, we rush because we have life. What If we are not alive?’
Well I think my most memorable Christmas will be two years ago, which was the Christmas period that I was married again. My wedding was on the 27th and 28th of December 2007 and it was memorable, not that I had all the fun in my life, but I spent the time getting ready for my marriage instead of having fun as every other person would have done. My fun was supposed to be put on hold because of my marriage prep. It always reminds me of a Christmas that was delayed because of my marriage but eventually, it was very enjoyable. I don’t subscribe to all the talks about New Year resolutions. When most people make resolutions, sooner or later they go back to what they had said they would not do. I don’t think people should wait for a particular time to make resolutions. I believe resolutions can be made at any time. It doesn’t have to be in the New Year. If you are doing something that is not right for you, I am sure that you will not continue doing it because you are waiting for the year to come to an end before you make amends.

God should touch the hearts of our leaders so that they can be compassionate to the plights of the citizens. — Caston Dada

All the best to Nigeria and more importantly, we need good leaders to lead us to the right destination. — Odunlade Adekola

In 2010, I pray there shall be no more scarcity of fuel and also for our numerous problems to be solved. — Tunmininu (Skuki)

More development, good leaders, good roads, eradication of piracy in the entertainment industry and lastly, steady power supply; that’s all I wish for Nigerians in the New Year. — Dr pat

All we need, is positive insanity… — Sunkanmi Ogunade

I wish the electricity problem to be seriously looked into, so that we wouldn’t spend fortunes on generators. Also, I wish our president a quick recovery. — Atewo (Skuki)

In the New Year, I wish Nigerians the following; needs — met, desires — granted, money — enough, labour — reward, health — good, laughter — plenty, testimonies — positive.
Imelda j

Solar energy in Nigeria, no fuel scarcity and better economy.
Big Bamo

My wish for Nigeria, is to have uninterrupted power supply next year. — Gbile Durojaiye
My wish for Nigeria, is to experience good and siBoldncere leadership in it’s essence… — Olodun Ade

My wish for Nigeria, is for her to have more positive people in government that will pass laws in favour of the entertainment sector; in the areas of finance and rights.
Bhiara Mcwizu
I want our leaders to be more humane; to improve on security and all other social infrastructure.
Adams Ibrahim

I wish Nigerians all the best next year and years beyond. — Dekunle Oloyede

Nigeria is our home, no matter what! We hope our leaders will learn. I wish Nigeria will become a home for all. — Uthman Balogun

Let there be light! And there ….
Bovi Ugboma.


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