Saturday, 30 January 2010

Outdooring Irinajo

The dentist-turned musician, Segun Akinlolu, popularly called Beautiful Nubia, celebrated his new album Irinajo on Sunday, January 24, at the Sparkle Hall, Ikeja GRA, Lagos.
The show, which lasted over three hours, saw Nubia belching old tunes such as O’ what a feeling; pass the calabash; Oke bola, and Owuro logo, which he described as the grandfather of songs in his album.
Nubia said, Nigerians like Jelenke music – music that is responded to, with slow and little effort. That also appeals to a continuously growing market comprising all sections of the populace – the poor and the rich, unlettered market-women and university professors, urban youth and rural folk, male and female, young and old.
From Jangbalajugbu, his ground-breaking album, which was released in 2002, and has sold million copies, to Awilele (2004), a no-holds-barred celebration of the artist's political views, Fere (2006) and Kilòkilò (2007), Beautiful Nubia has shown that he has actually come to etch his name in the Nigerian music scene.
Personalities at the event include Yinka Davies; AyoolaShadare; Ade Siji, the Yoruba soul artiste, who is based in London and Ade Bantu.

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