Sunday, 24 January 2010

Vendrika unveils Combino for 2010

RECENTLY, Vendrika unveiled its 2010 outfits for both men and women. At the unveiling, fabrics such as ankara, leather, lace, organza, cotton, among others, were made into glamorous corporate, casual, evening and formal wears.

According to Emmanuel Usanga, the brain behind Vendrika, “trends will be seasonal. We expect to capture some segment of overseas market with our Leather Combino outfits. These outfits combine synthetic leather with hard African textiles such as woodin to penetrate the jeans / casual wear market. They look very sensational, sexy and captivating. They are good for attention seekers in the spring. In the summer, we expect to marshal out our African Summer Solaria. This is a set of designs that are good for the beach, open air and party events. They are colorful African cotton with glamour and style. These can sell all-year round in the tropics and overseas during the summer.”
The African Solarian are colourful casual, evening and formal wears ranging from gypsy skirt, short with jacket, shirts, hand band, asymmetry dress to mention a few.

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